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Here are the rules of DacBiet
[xxxxx][======> DBrule <=======][xxxxx]

Here is DacBiet s2.7 Rules updated form DacBiet s2.0 Rules


1) Have fun playing Soldier Fronts!

2) Enjoy playing with this clan if not why join? DacBiet is not a pro Clan!

3) If can Respect all DacBiet members, We are Noobs don't expect that we are

    pros, no one can be pro everyday.

4) Please NO glitching, tapping or hacking we will KICK or give warning.

5) Don't purposely kill your Team members unless they tapping, glitching or 


6) Don't be Annoying and spamming the clan chat.

7) Don't beg for gcoin/gift...

8) Check the rule for new rule every month or not at all for those lazy bums XD.

    (Rule will be update when necessarily). SERIOUSLY READ THE RULE



   <>Recruiting rules<>

1) Only Members that have been in DacBiet for 2 weeks can recruit.

2) DO NOT recruit any players that is constantly afk and glitching, tapping or

    hacking we want a clean Reputation.

3) When you recruit members tell them to Read the DacBiet Rules and How To

    Join DacBiet

4) If a noob is recruited please train him/her if he/her requests to get better.


6) You are only allow up to 1 account in this clan, however ask the Leaders if

    you can have more account in the clan.


-= When joining DacBiet, in your application include word below in the begining.

            This is The Word=        -=Special=-


_+True Member+_

1) Have to be in clan for about 2 to 3 weeks without leaving the clan

2) If your a member and leave the clan your membership will be remove

     and you have to start all over again, so do not accidentlly leave.


-----Clan War rules----

1) Enjoy Clanning with DacBiet Members

2) Don’t glitch, tap or hack in Clan War.

    (Our<Leader, Founders (co-Leader) and staffs> will KICK YOU off the clan)

3) If we owned a clan 5-0 then we will show respect (cough** we will say WE


4) If we lose 0-5 blame it on your self and then get better in Soldier Front.

   However if it was a tapper or glitching clan then report and complain.

5) If you want to clan battle with Leader and founder we will be on weekends

    (Friday and Saturday), in Summer (June-August that when we get our rank 

    ups), and on any school breaks because we have to attend school. We will

    be on around 10a.m to 9 p.m All in Central Time.

6) Listen and follow direction of DacBiet Staff commands, if you dont listen,

    you might get kick. We sometime get serious in clan war.

7) Do not complain or get mad at the Staff for kicking you out of cw. If you

    want to make a complaint that you got kick out of cw for no good reason

    please report to DacBiet Founders <email>.

8) When we ask if anyone to clan war, if you want to play please reply. If you

    dont reply and join our clan war you will be kick out of the room until our

    next game because you did not read our invitation for clan war and you did

    not read this rule.

9) Kill stealing(ks) if you are worry about this then do not freaking clan war.

10) Do not clan war with bad laptop, desktop or internet connection, unless if

     your kill/death ratio is 1.0+.

11) Do not leave during a clan war, just be afk. (This does not applied to those

      who disconnect, however we can tell who dc or not).

12) If you are afk without warning us then you can not play clan war. So

     please tell us before you go afk.


If any rules you think that is needed tell us and why.